"A gifted young street photographer, who just happens to be the son of Aerosmith's rhythm guitarist, Brad Whitford, is set loose with the band. The result is a take on rock photography that blows through all the commercial conventions of hype-driven money shots." 
  - Michael Weinstein

Zack Whitford is a documentary & commercial photographer based in Los Angeles. His career as a photographer began in 2011 when a new-found hobby transitioned into a full-time job. Zack's early work was purely freelance, focusing mainly on commissions and events. In 2012, he made his way into the music business and began work for Aerosmith as their 'on the road' documentarian. 

In 2015, Zack held his first solo exhibition at the Hilton | Asmus Contemporary in Chicago, IL. Writer for New City, Michael Weinstein, states in his review of the exhibit, Sometimes it can be playful and sometimes mordant or sardonic, but it always defies the myths of promotional culture. Whitford makes one wish that more street photographers would invade the entertainment landscape.”